Public Datasets

TopicSouce TypeDescriptionlink
recommendation; IR;personal websiteA lot of datasets about POI recommendation, spatial search,
NLPwebsiteA collection of NLP
IR;MicrosoftLETOR: Learning to Rank for Information Retrievalhere
IR;QA;Microsoft Microsoft Machine Reading Comprehension (MS MARCO) is a collection
of large scale dataset for deep learning related to Search.
network;personal websiteNetwork data sets the author has compiled over the
QA;ACL2017TriviaQA: A Large Scale Dataset for Reading Comprehension and Question Answering here
opinion mining;personal websiteFull reviews for cars and and hotels collected from Tripadvisor (~259,000 reviews) and Edmunds (~42,230 reviews).here
NLP;CMU courseFrom Spring 2017 CS292F Deep Learning for
event;GDELT databaseEvents found in the world’s news media and a knowledge
academic graphMicrosoftMicrosoft Academic Graph (MAG) and
music search;personal websiteMusic
IR; click analysis;TREC Deep Learning Track 2020ORCAS: Open Resource for Click Analysis in Searchhere
news recommendation;competitionMIND News Recommendation Competitionhere